Full Length, Drama, 2 hours
3M; 5W
Semifinalist, O’Neill Playwriting Conference, 2006
Finalist, Princess Grace Fellowship, 2006
Weissberger Award Nominee, 2005
“Reporter Girl” is the story of Dale Messick, America’s first syndicated female cartoonist, whose career began when she created the famous cartoon strip “Brenda Starr Reporter” in 1940. The legendary cartoonist continued to write and draw the comic strip for the next 40 years and was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for cartooning in 1998. The play weaves together biographical detail, period history and fantasy to arrive at a dramatically touching portrait of Dale Messick’s life. Spanning five decades and three generations of strong women, this tale of misogyny, abortion, long odds, love and betrayal digs deep into the root of what it means to be a mother, an artist and an icon. The play is especially poignant because Dale Messick is the playwright’s grandmother.
First produced as a workshop reading at The American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco, August 2003
Full Length, Romantic Comedy, 1 hour 45 minutes
2W; 2M
Finalist, Playwrights First Award, 2005
“My Life As You” is a psychological comedy that touches on the very core of what troubles young women today: their minds. Thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side, Stella—a young advertising executive—breaks up with her boyfriend, quits her job and decides to “rediscover” herself in a new city. With the help of her friend Diana she moves to Chicago—only to discover that her friend is to become her biggest challenge. What begins as a friendly competition between roommates turns into a psychological battle of wills of epic proportions. Sparks fly as the two women go to great lengths to become what they think will make them happy: each other.
First produced as a workshop at Producers Club II, New York City, 2006
My Life As You
One Act, Dark Comedy, 50 minutes
4W; 1M
Set in a country town in the early 90’s, Gwen has a real problem: her brother’s confession that he has AIDS is going to ruin her beauty pageant.  And to make matters worse, her mom can’t stop pigging out. Forget finding the perfect dance routine or getting her speech right—Gwen’s got to find a way to stop AIDS from happening and get her life back. “The Miracle” is an original and funny look at ignorance and fear. A dark comedy with political overtones that can resonate with any audience.
First Produced at Creative Place Theatre, New York City, 2001
The Miracle
One Act, Absurdist Futuristic Comedy, 20 minutes
2W; 1M
Official Selection, Lost Theatre Festival, London, UK, 2006
Finalist and Critics Choice, Samuel French Short Play Festival, 2005
Below 14th is a futuristic play set seven years after a catastrophic event that has dramatically changed New York City.  In this new bizarre world everything below 14th Street is cut off by a wall, and the people living there are infected with a mysterious disease. When Babe, a once-famous actress who lives in a cordoned-off area is allowed out, the drama begins. What starts as a simple drink with her ex-boyfriend—a government scientist— quickly spins out of control in a world where her celebrity status is still her biggest problem. A love story with the highest stakes, political overtones and a twist of the bizarre.
First produced at ATA, New York City, March 2005
Below 14th
One Act, Drama, 30 minutes
2W; 1M
Finalist and Critics Choice, Samuel French Short Play Festival, 2004
Without is a psychological drama about loss and how far we will go to find what it is we need. When a young American graduate student is attacked by a gang in Paris, she goes go to great lengths to find answers—and maybe even love—by creating things that aren’t there in the first place. The play has a wicked twist ending that will give the audience goose bumps.  
First produced at Manhattan Theatre Source, New York City, 2004
One Act, Drama, 12 minutes
1W; 1M
When Wendy, a self-absorbed New York City reporter comes home for her friend Pete’s funeral, she is forced to face her fears or be haunted by them forever.  
First produced by the Vital Theatre, at McGinn Cazale Theatre, New York City, 2004
Never Never Land
One Act, Comedy, 7 minutes
2W; 1M (short cameo)
“All Time Favorite Play,” Manhattan Theatre Source, 2005
Native Aliens Theatre Collective Top Pick: Short Stories Five, 2003
Two NYU students work as porn starlets to pay the bills. Hilarity ensues when they discover that they know each other better than they think.
First produced at Native Aliens Theatre Collective: Short Stories Five, 2003
Feisty Pussy
One Act, Dark Comedy, 10 minutes
2W; 2M
Semifinalist, Samuel French Short Play Festival, 2006
Ever wondered what people are thinking in a crowded elevator? This is your chance to find out—except that with these four people the thoughts hint at darker secrets and terrifying mysteries.
First produced at American Theater of Actors, New York City, 2006
Elevator Secret Thoughts
One Act, Comedy, 20 minutes
Three women take a boat ride to intervene in each others’ wayward lives. Secrets are revealed and the three of them can’t exactly turn back.
Written for Women in Boats Festival, New York City, 2006
Getting In Touch With Your Dark Side
Reporter Girl